A Cult Of The Tetragrammaton

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

Bishop Pearce
Calls Name Of Jesus
a name of satan the devil

All the tetragrammaton cults have one thing in common: THEY HATE the name of Jesus!  The cult of Yahowah is no different then the others.  They have all joined with the Talmudic Pharisees to blot out the name of Jesus from the earth.  While they may suceed in drawing away many ignornant and unlearned, they will NEVER DECEIEVE THE VERY ELECT!

Is The Name of Jesus Christ a name of the devil?

The Yahowah tetragrammaton cult is no different then the Yahweh covens.  In order to raise up a false name for their god, they must first destroy the name of Jesus Messiah (Christ).  They all use the customary tricks that Jesus is derived from Zeus, Dionysus, Iacchus, and Bacchus.  Some go so far as to say the name Jesus means pig god, taking "sus' from the name and saying in Latin this means pig, sow, hog, or swine.  Thus, they deduct someone changed the name of the Saviour to Jesus and thereby Christians would unknowinly be worshiping a Saviour who had a name meaning "pig god."  Is this true?  If it is, why hasn't some tetergrammatonite produced the evidence of such?  Alleging this to have occurred is not enough, it must be proven!  To claim that every name or word that has "sus" in it is connected to Latin and has a meaning of sow, pig, or swine, is stupid.  But then we are not dealing with people with much intelligence anyway.

The name Jesus is a valid name and it is the name of the Saviour.  It has no connection to Zeus Dionysus, Iacchus, or Bacchus.  It has no connection to the Latin "sus."  The name Jesus was not translated into Greek as IESOUS by the Apostles.  It was not a made-up name stuck or glued on the Saviour and his true Hebrew name cast aside. What evidence do we have that the name Jesus was not fashioned after the name of Zeus?

The evidence is overwhelming!  Below you will see a clip from the Septuagint Greek Scriptures, translated from Hebrew to Greek around 280BC.  This clip is a copy of Zachariah 3:3:

Here in the Greek text of the Old Testament, translated around 280BC we have the name of Jesus.  In the King James Version this "IESOUS" is spelled Joshua. Scholars who have any intelligence at all, know that "Jo" is the Greecianized from of the Hebrew "Jeh or Yeh."  They also know that the Greek "IESOUS" is not a Greek name to be rendered in a Greek fashion but rather it is a Jewish name.  In Hebrew the name of Jesus has for its root the name "Yesha" which means salvation. Yesha is the same as Yehsha.  There is no actual letter "Y" in ancient Hebrew.  We have the letter "I" which can stand for three different sounds. The rule of ancient grammar is that when the letter "I" is followed by a consonant it has the sound of "I" as in Isaac.  But when the letter "I" is followed by a vowel it has the sound of the "Jod" or letter "J" as in the word "Jew".  With this rule of Grammar, since we believe IESOUS is a Hebrew name and not a Greek one, the letter "I" is followed by a vowl and therefore has the "J" sound: hence IESOUS becomes JESOUS.  With the name "Yesha" you can see there is no "Y" and this letter is an "I" and should be "IESHA."  The "I" followed by a vowel makes it into a "J" thus we now have "JESHA" and by adding the final (S) for syntax we have JESHA(S).  The Greek language does not have the "SH" sounding and so this does not appear in the Greek spelling.  If it did, we would have IESHOUS and following the rules of Hebrew grammar we would have JESHOUS which is the same as JESUS!

Here is the delima scholars have been faced with, but which few have courage to take a stand on:  If the Greek IESOUS was in fact understood by the Apostles as IESHOUS and a Hebrew/Aramaic name, then should this name be pronounced from the Greek language or from the Hebrew/Aramaic?  If it is pronounced from the Hebrew?Aramaic then it is JESHUS!  In deed, if we pronounced the name from the Greek language we would have "ee-sous."  Now "soos" is not the same as Zeus "dzyooce" although there may be a simularity of sound.  Here is another fact the tetragrammaton cults will not tell you:  Zeus is not pronounced "g-sus or gez-us, or even ze-us" at all, but is pronounced "dzyooce" (dis-ooce See Strongs #2203).

To make a big deal out of the name of Jesus and make it to come from Zeus because of some simularity of sound, it stupidity run amuck!

IESOUS/IESHOUS in Greek/Hebrew is the same as JESUS in the English language.  To claim it is a name of satan the devil is a big fat lie!  And all liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire!

Very early in my research into the various claims of the tetegrammaton cults, I noticed one trait among all the diverse groups.  They each in their own way pervert what they read, missrepresent the truth, put slants on words and quotes that are erroneous, and they concoct blasphemy which they call revelation.  The same problem surfaces with the Yahowah cult group.  They will use much of the Yahwist blasphemy in an attempt to elevate their guess spelling and pronounciation of the tetragrammaton, and in turn attack Yahwist, finally turning their butcher knife upon the name of Jesus.

Here is part of a recent email I received:

From Roman S.
Date: 10-10-2002
To: Jesus-Messiah Fellowship
Re: Re: YAHO-hoshu-WAH the Mashi-YAHO

". . .I am sorry you think I am a liar for reading the info you have on the site, for I am NOT a believer in Yahweh or Yahshua. I agree with most of the evidence that you have on Yahwah and the contracted form of Yahshua. It is too bad that you didn't go further into history and the books available to teach against the false names of Jehovah, god. lord and jesus. I know you love jesus, but the evidence is overwhelming! Just because the Yahweh people have confused the masses with their false doctrines of their name, doesn't mean that the Father in Heaven doesn't have a Personal Family Name."

. . .Now your argument that the true name is ahyeh from the book of exodus is flawed, because we have records that show the Aramaic influence took away the hebrew letter Waw from YHW to give the pagan Yah.

". . .Yahweh IS completely WRONG and so is Yahshua!! BUT NOT YAHOWAH AND YAHO-HOSHU-WAH."


Notice this tetragrammaton worshiper has his own guess name for YHWH, which is YAHOWAH.

Notice he admits that "YAH" is pagan (Wonder why he accepts YAH in his own guess name of "YAH"-O-WAH?  Is not by his confession YAH in the name he claims is God's true name?

YAH-O-WAH is also a false guess name!

Pastor Reckart