The YHVH Fraud By Rabbis And Monks

Bishop Gary Reckart

[A man God made]

A seldom reported fact that destroys YHWH and names invented from it.

Josephus, the Jewish historian, reported that the high priest wore a crown containing four vowels. Those letters in Paleo-Hebrew were YHVH. As vowels they are IAUE. Y stands for the vowel I. First H stands for the vowel A. V stands for the vowel U. And final H stands for the vowel E (IAUE).

Many scholars, rabbis, alphabet soup pundits, and cult fools have tried to say Josephus was wrong, a liar, and was just trying to excite his Greek readers. The fact is Josephus exposes a fantastic rabbi lie.

Rabbis and other generational liars claim the Hebrew alphabet and language has no vowels. Josephus informs us that the Paleo-Hebrew of his day made use of certain letters as vowels and consonants.

The truth is, the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet uses the letters YHVH as vowels. These are called the mothers of reading (mater/matres lectionis). You can Google this yourself. A little study will reveal there are Paleo-Hebrew letters that stand for all the vowels. So it is a lie that Paleo-Hebrew language has no vowels. Additionally, the vowel points by Masoretic rabbi Ben Asher were applied to the Babylonian Aramaic alphabet which conveniently is now called "biblical Hebrew." It is not Hebrew at all and never will be Hebrew regardless of how many people call it that. Chaldean Aramaic will always be the root of this tongue no matter what it is called. James Strong in his Hebrew lexicon calls it Aramaic, Chaldean, and Syriac. He knows many hundreds of names and words are not Paleo-Hebrew and have no root in that language.

YHVH is really the vowels IAUE.

How come this is seldom mentioned and when it is, slippery words are used to guide the reader back to YHVH as consonants by one trick, scam, or another?

We have an obligation to expose several lies here. The first lie is that there are no vowels in the Hebrew alphabet. The second lie is that YHVH are consonant letters and totally unintelligent and unpronunciable. The third lie is that vowels must be borrowed from Elohim or Adonai to insert to arrive at a pronunciation. The fourth lie is now to give these invented names a meaning. The fifth lie is that YHVH as JeHoVaH or YaHWeH has an Aramaic root of "hayah" meaning "to be." The sixth lie is that "Yah" is the most primitive root. The seventh lie is that Jehovah or Yahweh are the national name of the God of Israel. The eight lie is these names were so holy the rabbis made a religious law they were not to be uttered or spoken in fear of using one or the other in vain. The ninth lie is that this sacred name belongs in the bible every place the Babylonian Aramaic text contained YHVH. The tenth lie is that the Septuagint translators used Kurios to replace YHVH and this should be corrected. The eleventh lie is that every place Kurios is found in the New Testament it should be changed to Jehovah or Yahweh. The twelfth lie is that the name of Jesus should incorporate YHVH and his Hebrew name be Yahshua(h). The thirteenth lie is that Jesus is not a Hebrew name since it has no connection to the tetragrammaton. The fourteenth lie is that the Hebrew alphabet has no J letter sound so Jesus could not have been his name when he walked upon the earth. The fifteenth lie is that to return to the YHVH tetragrammaton god, everyone must throw down the name of Jesus because it is the name of the devil. The sixteenth lie is that to please YHVH god everyone must become law keepers, reject the writings of the Apostle Paul, and be rebaptized in either the name Yahshua, Yahweh, or Jehovah. And the last lie is that we should all try to learn this Hebrew language and speak in the holy tongue of Babylonian Aramaic .

If you read the liars, they use all the above talking points. They even invent other clever lies to deceive.

You cannot win anyone from a tetragrammaton cult. When they start giving you the lying talking points, they do so because they are opposing the name of Jesus behind everything they do or say. You can play games with them but wasting your time. Anyone rebaptized in any name other than Jesus Christ is going to hell. No matter how much you try to show love, compassion, or patience: you will never turn them around. To blaspheme the name of Jesus is an unpardonable sin. The name of Jesus was Holy Ghost given. To blaspheme against it is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost.

When you detect a person has joined a tetragrammaton cult, just ask straight out if they have been rebaptized in what ever name they claim is the true name of Jesus. Ask them straight out if they feel comfortable cursing the name of Jesus and saying it is a devil name?

I am not ashamed of the gospel of the name of Jesus Christ.

All hail the power of Jesus name, let all angels bow and proclaim.

Bishop Reckart

A man God made