Jesus, Name Above All Names

Bishop Gary Reckart

[A man God made]

Part 1

Misinformation posted by Anthony F. Buzzard on his Face Book blog was deleted after I posted to it. Below are my comments which he deleted. Anthony F. Buzzard is part of the wide-spreading tetragrammaton cult.

“The following information is vital for clear understanding of Scripture and the all-important issue about who God is and who Jesus is in relation to God. The divine name YHWH (probably pronounced Yahweh) is commonly referred to as the tetragrammaton (four-letter word).” ...”The point for us to note is that Paul can hail Jesus as Lord not in order to identify him with God, but rather if anything to distinguish him from the One God (cp. particularly 1 Cor. 15:24-28). So too Jesus’ Lordship could be expressed in cosmic dimensions without posing too many problems to monotheism, since Wisdom speculations provided a ready and appropriate terminology.”

Anthony Buzzard does not believe Jesus is God. He believes there is God (Yahweh, YHWH and then Jesus: one God and one man [he calls wisdom]. He never gives Jesus deity at all).


A lot of misinformation is spreading around the world about the name of God. A lot of missing facts in the short paragraph by Anthony F. Buzzard. He not only posits that Jesus is not God but that YHWH is the God of Jesus. Therefore Jesus is not God but has a God. His doctrine is ancient Dynamic Monarchianism. An old heresy dealt defeat by such men as Praxeas and Sabellian. That this false doctrine would rise again in the preaching of Anthony Buzzard and Joel Hemphill gives true men of God anther opportunity to repeat the work of Praxeas and Sabellian.

First, the King James government bible was the first translation of the Old Testament that used the Aramaic Babylonian text commonly referred to as the Masoretic text (MT). This MT was created by Rabbi Ben Asher and his assistants in Israel around 900AD. They are called the Masoretics because they allegedly were a Babylonian school of rabbis dating back all the way to the original Aramaic translated bible around 300BC. Prior to this translation, the Old Testament was written in Paleo-Hebrew which is also called the Phoenician language. So, from around 1400BC to 300BC, a time of 1,100 years, the Old Testament as used by all the Old Testament prophets and writers was in the Paleo-Hebrew language.

It was in Babylon by unknown and undocumented scribes that the Aramaic version of the Scriptures was created. It is in this Babylonian language called Chaldea, Chaldean, or Aramaic that the new bible was created. It was in this Babylonian new bible that the symbols representing the letters YHVH first appeared. Many scholars have claimed this god and this name came from Babylon and was not in the original scriptures. It is from this source that the mysteries of Babylon passed into the Jewish people via their occult rabbis. The letter symbols for YHVH is the center of a massive secret Chaldean mystic cult known as Kabbalah/Cabbalah. The world has now been flooded with all kinds of cultic images that portray YHVH as an all-powerful and sublime name of the most holy god of the Jews. Satanic temples and cult lodges, secret conclaves and occult orders: all use the Tetragrammaton as letters representing their secret and evil god. At the center of this worship sits Baphomet the bisexual god consisting of male and female. The god represented by YHVH is male and female.

Interpolating this Babylonian secret god into the Aramaic bible was the occult rabbi’s of saying YHVH is Babylonian equivalent of the ancient Jewish God. It is like other reprobate Jews who claimed that Zeus was also an equivalent of the ancient Jewish God. Since that time many reprobates have attempted to claim the name of the ancient Jewish God could be changed into a pagan name made equivalent. The Jews were the first to do this by taking the name Baal and making this god an equivalent to the ancient God of Israel.

Our focus should be on Jesus and the Apostles: what bible did they use. What Bible did Jesus refer to when he said not one “jot or tittle” would pass from the law (the real bible), until all had been fulfilled? At this time in the history of Israel there were only two bibles. The first is the Babylonian one and the second is the Greek Septuagint translated around 300-280BC, It is possible this Greek translation from the original Paleo-Hebrew came before the Babylonian Aramaic one. It is a matter of argument against the claims of rabbis (Jewish religionist) and monks (Catholic perverters). No matter which happened first, Jesus and the Apostles absolutely DID NOT USE the Babylonian Aramaic text. Many scholars will confess this in may ways. Jesus did not quote a single verse translated in the Babylonian Aramaic text. Jesus and the Apostles did not refer to this bible as the scriptures. They did not consider this Babylonian bible to be a Hebrew bible. Because it was not a Hebrew bible in the original Paleo-Hebrew language. What is called the Hebrew bible today is the Babylonian Aramaic text. Aramaic was not Hebrew when it was invented and will never be Hebrew. It is false to call the Aramaic Masoretic text the Hebrew bible, as if it’s language is Hebrew.

So, if Jesus and the Apostles rejected the Babylonian Aramaic bible, WHY?

This is really no secret.

None of the Jewish synagogues in the days of Jesus used the Babylonian Aramaic bible. None of them. In fact, the Babylonian bible was not even used in the temple in Jerusalem. Scholars admit that from around 300BC until the temple was destroyed in 70AD, the bible used by Jews was the Greek Septuagint translation. When Jesus stood to read in the synagogue from Isaias he was reading the Greek translation. He was not reading from the Babylonian Aramaic bible because it was never used in the worship centers. The Babylonian Aramaic bible was used only by those who practiced the Chaldea secrets becuause it contained the tetragrammaton YHVH. This is why so many cults run to the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essene cult for verification of its use. The tetragrammaton is found in the Aramaic language in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Along with portions of this Babylonian bible there was found also many occult writings. The Essenes were not a holy and righteous group. They were a secret Kabbalistic society practicing the Chaldean mysteries using their Aramaic text. Exactly like the Freemasons today who have their own bible and from it celebrate all their rituals and occult teachings. There are many cults that use the Bible as a source of their secret teachings. Madam Blavatsky is famous for this method of using the Holy to produce the profane. Do not accept that the use of a Bible text makes anyone holy. Or just go join the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, or the Catholic church.

The facts are clear here. The King James (KJV) translators were the first to stop using the Greek Old Testament as the source of the Holy Scriptures and grabbed the Babylonian Aramaic bible and placed it along side the Greek New Testament translation. Here is where a correction needs to be applied. In the KJV the translators would not insert YHVH letters. Actually, we do not know what they put. Because in 1610 King James gave the new translation to Francis Bacon and his Knights of the Helmet secret order. This group had it for one whole year adding Masonic and satanic symbols throughout. If you have never seen the original 1611 KJV you owe it to yourself to go get a copy of the original.. Do not accept a 1611 that has all the Masonic and satanic symbols removed. It was in the bible returned to King James from this secret order that LORD appears as a substitute for the tetragrammaton found in the Babylonian Aramaic Masoretic text.

It is absolutely false and conjecture that the use of Kurios (Lord) in the Greek Septuagint was also a substitute for the tetragrammaton YHVH. This claim is made by the cultist trying to bridge the use of YHVH from the Babylonian Aramaic bible over into the Greek Old and New Testaments. Who is making this claim? It is rabbis and monks and now Protestant scholars. The same source from which flows every false doctrine about God, the interpretation of Scripture and the Scriptures themselves. But we have a more sure word of prophecy here.

Jesus told the rabbi Jews in control of the temple and the religious knowledge of his day:

“Ye neither know me, or my Father” (John 8:19).

If the Jews knew the Father as YHVH and this YHVH was indeed the Father as Jesus called God: then he lied. But, if YHVH was indeed not the true Father and not the God Jesus referred to as Father: but was a Babylonian god, then they did not know God. The god they thought they worshiped as the true God was a Babylonian fake backed up by a 300 year old Aramaic translation. The same translation being used now to foist upon us the many guess names such as Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahuah, and over 100 more invented pronunciations. Any bible that uses YHVH, LORD, or any other substitute for the divine name of God is false. For this reason, we should not accept any name for God and stick to our Apostolic core doctrine that JESUS is the name of God and always has been. And this name of God existed before the foundation of the world. This name is the only name given under heaven and among men for salvation and worship. We must stick to Acts 4:12.

There is much more that can be said about the Divine name of God. But let me assure you, any use of YHVH or YHWH to try and discover the name of God will all end up in failure because the root of it is mystery Babylon.

I urge everyone to do the research and do not be led astray by the tetragrammaton cults and their horrendous volumes of mysticism, art, images, and lies. Do not cast down the name of Jesus which all tetragrammaton cults do. Do not curse and blaspheme the name of Jesus which all YHVH cults do. Do not allow these law-keeping occultist who make great use of Kabbalistic secrets to teach numerology and gematria. Do not call Aramaic Hebrew and fall into the abyss along with rabbis and monks. Stick to the name of Jesus. this is not a time to be playing tic-tac-toe with those who hate the name of Jesus Christ.

The doctrines of YHVH and law-keeping are causing more souls to be damned then the trinity doctrine.

May Jesus grant you understanding.

Bishop Reckart

From Mt. Jesus

Barangay Prenza, Balamban, Cebu, Philippines


I am indeed sorry that Anthony F. Buzzard deleted his entire post so what I wrote above would be censored. I am also thankful to Jesus who I believe spoke to me to save my post. Now that Mr. Buzzard has deleted it, I know why I was encouraged to save it. I did save it and it is reposted here to show you the information he wanted censored. I believe he is part of the wide-spreading Tetragrammaton cult.


Part 2 will be posted next